Whether you need:

Car Storage

Worried about keeping your stored car in top form? Security Self Storage's enclosed units ensure your investment is safe from the elements.

Storage Tip: Place a few packets of silica inside the car to preserve the interior.

Trailer/RV Storage

Tough to keep your RV or trailer at home? Security Self Storage has a variety of vehicle spaces to suit your needs.

Storage Tip: Place a few packets of silica inside the vehicle to preserve the interior.

Boat Storage

Dry-dock your boat simply and conveniently. With Security Self Storage, you can access your watercraft 365 days a year.

Storage Tip: When storing, overinflate the tires on your trailer by five lbs. to ensure a longer service life.

ATV/Motorcycle Storage

When you're not on the road keep your motorcycle or ATV protected with Security Self Storage's enclosed units.

Storage Tip: Remove the battery and keep it on a float-charger so when you're ready to ride, your ride is ready to run.

We've Got the Storage Space You Need!



  • Our premium enclosed spaces provide protection from the elements
  • To eliminate the hazards of street parking
  • For the peace of mind that comes with our well-lit, fully fenced facilities and computer-controlled gates
  • To access to your vehicle 365 days a year